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Therapeutic Singing
and Training for Therapeutic Singing
Based on „The School of Uncovering the Voice“

Director: Thomas Adam

In her book „The School of Uncovering the Voice“,  The Cleansing Power of Song, Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström introdced a complete system of spiritually founded knowledge of the singing human being.

Therapeutic Singing works with the understanding that archetypal forces are found in the elements of song and in the lawfulness of music. In Therapeutic Singing, the human being brings these forces into activity, and through therapeutic singing, causes them to work on the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Practicing therapeutic singing exercises with attentive listening can help the client develop a deeper self-knowledge and strengthen forces of creativity and individuality.

Singing vowels can bring emotional/psychological impulses to expression, transforming them to a higher level.

The sounding consonants can bring resilience and an enlivening influence to the physical body, relieving blockages and making physical changes possible.

Moving the tone through the body can release blocked energies, stimulating the life forces, which bring self-healing.

These relationships and connections were first researched by the Swedish singer Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström (1879-1972) in close cooperation with Rudolf Steiner (1865-1925), founder of Anthroposophy.

Vowels, consonants, tone as the general resonance of the voice, the rhythmic movements of the breath, specific exercises are created for each client, and individually practiced under the direction of a specially trained therapist.

Therapeutic Singing can address such conditions as the following:
Diseases of the voice and breathing pathways; chronic metabolic illnesses, degenerative illnesses, and chronic inflammation; functional disturbances; psychosomatic and neuro-psychiatric illnesses; supportive therapy for cancer treatments. In addition, Therapeutic Singing has been successfully employed in therapy for children with developmental delays, and in remedial education.

Training-Courses for Singing Therapy in the United States have been held form 1998 to 2004 (East-Coast) and 2003 – 2007 (California).